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Universal Access

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application pdf does not show household relationships

The income support application pdf does not show household relationships between household members. This is a pain point for the state of south dakota who will be allowing citizens to apply for SNAP benefits using the application script in the cit...
Kelli Robinson 5 months ago in Universal Access 3 Functionality already exists

CE - IEG Portal 'control-question-informational message' customization

At Clark County, we're looking for a hook point from CE to customize the control question informational message for the 'Additional Household Member' page. As we don't have a hook point, and to address the customer needs, we have non-compliantly c...
Chandra Veligeti 5 months ago in Universal Access 2 Not under consideration

Improve readability of Household relationships in IEG (CE)

In CE, on the IEG summary page, the household relationships are confusing to read and understand. Start the OOTB HCR IEG script, and enter the following four-person household information: Jon - primary applicant, spouse of Jane, parent of Junior, ...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Universal Access 9 Future consideration

ESDC design standard desires locale based time format ​ (FR: 24h EN: am/pm)

Any customer with locale based time format requirements will benefit. Canada standard for English is 12 hour clock. Canada standard for French is 24 hour clock. IEG currently doesn't support time formats changing depending on the users locale and ...
Adrienne Magnier about 1 year ago in Universal Access 3 Not under consideration

Missing application progress bar in Responsive App (Citizen Engagement Module)

MSD have fairly long online forms that the clients need to fill in to apply for financial assistance. This is primarily because MSD's online forms asks the clients to fill in the details according to their circumstances and then determine the type...
Manuraj Kannanth about 5 years ago in Universal Access 4 Future consideration

Reject Document Uploads for Verification Items (CE Portal)

Currently, the CE Portal allows a citizen to upload a document to verify outstanding verifications created on the Worker Portal. There are currently only 2 status, Submitted and Verified. If the worker is validating the document and it is deemed i...
Tiffany Ortega over 1 year ago in Universal Access 2 Future consideration

Support for Push Notification CE functionality

Currently in CE, the only way to retrieve data from the backend/SPM is through two methods, both of which are not server-initiated: A user-initiated action, which will invoke a REST operation that returns data to the user. CE-side polling, whereby...
Guest over 1 year ago in Universal Access 2 Future consideration

Ability to merge related documents as part of Document upload in Citizen Portal

MN is looking for the ability for citizen to upload multiple related documents. These related documents must be merged by the System before sending it over to the Document Management System. For e.g if 10 pages of a bank statement is uploaded as 1...
Guest over 1 year ago in Universal Access 6 Not under consideration

Support for NVDA & ChromeVox as screen reader in Curam and responsive UA

This enhancement request for support and certification of NVDA & ChromeVox as supported screen reader in Curam and Responsive UA. Business Justification 1. A good percentage of MSD's NZ clients use NVDA as screen reader. We can see that NVDA i...
Nimesh Sultania over 2 years ago in Universal Access 2 Not under consideration

Add Product Support for a Fully Decoupled Modular Universal Access System of Engagement.

Universal Access (UA) has the capability to act as a standalone Client Digital portal (System of Engagement - SoE) with integration to remote back end systems, or a separate instance of Cúram(Systems of Record - SoR). There are two elements to the...
Nigel Barriscale almost 3 years ago in Universal Access 6 Future consideration