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Provide CMIS Metadata at folder level

Version of Cúram the fix is being requested on8.0.2iFix3. Detailed business impact of the issue in question - Business Impact - South Dakota Integrated eligibilty system is scheduled for production roll out on March 4, 2024. System is not able to ...
Kelli Robinson 9 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Not under consideration

Make referrer domain restriction page specific

In SPM V8 onwards mandatory property was introduced for csrf-protection . In order to apply this feature The property must contain the domain or partial domain where the application is being accessed. MS...
Din Tiwary 5 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Under review

OOTB - Issue with SSO Authentication Server - esdcoaststgr1/ esdcoastd4oe2e

Steps to reproduce:1) Add users ESDC email to SSO group linked to application 2) Create the same user in Curam with appropriate permissions (IoAdmin/ Processing or any other roles can be used)3) Try to login with SSO P.S: This issue only occur in ...
Maya Cheng 5 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Future consideration

ESDC design standard desires locale based time format ​ (FR: 24h EN: am/pm)

Any customer with locale based time format requirements will benefit. Canada standard for English is 12 hour clock. Canada standard for French is 24 hour clock. IEG currently doesn't support time formats changing depending on the users locale and ...
Adrienne Magnier 10 months ago in Universal Access 3 Not under consideration

Improve readability of Household relationships in IEG (CE)

In CE, on the IEG summary page, the household relationships are confusing to read and understand. Start the OOTB HCR IEG script, and enter the following four-person household information: Jon - primary applicant, spouse of Jane, parent of Junior, ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Universal Access 9 Future consideration

Curam 8.0 and above should provide support for AWS EKS

Case Management Information and Payrolling System (CMIPS) for the State of California has been running on Curam platform for more than a decade now.CMIPS is a large and complex IT system supporting more than a million recipients, providers, system...
Sundar Narayanaswamy 10 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 1 Future consideration

Person Search Screen in v8 loses ability to see results without scrolling down

AFter upgrading to v8 or v801, the OOTB person search screen is harder to use. In v7, the text box titles were inline, effectively the page looked like it had 4 columns. in v8, the title is above the boxes, meaning that the rest of the content is ...
Garry Heap about 2 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 4 Future consideration

Rest service : Accept authentication credentials in the http header

SOAP and Rest authentication approach is not same in IBM Curam SPM. We expect Rest service authentication to work similar to SOAP webservice where authentication credentials are passed in the header of the SOAP request. Currently MSD has exposed n...
Priyabrata Behera over 2 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Not under consideration

Make use of Java Persistence API (JPA) and remove RSA and Modelling dependency

As Rational Rose modelling is becoming increasingly outdated. JPA is a newer, flexible and more modern alternative that offers a number of advantages over traditional Curam modelling. Positives: This can remove dependency to Rational Software Arch...
Guest 6 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Future consideration

Expand clickable area on Dropdown's to show full list

When clicking on any part of the dropdown it would be preferred to show the whole dropdown list like it does when you click on the actual dropdown arrow. Currently if you click on the non arrow part you get text and can type, which if you type in ...
Guest about 6 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Planned for future release