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Admin screens need Search capabilities

For many Admin screens (at least the 3 I have attached), there is no search by name!?!?!? That's embarrassing and inexplicable to an audience when demoing the software. You have to troll through some entire list - sometimes it's sorted, sometimes ...
over 2 years ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 5 Future consideration

Smart Navigation: Number of results shown can be configurable

SmartNavigation search functionality displays up to 6 results before it shows a "More Results" link to reveal the rest of the results. Can you provide a configurable property to control this number? i.e. can we display up to X number results befor...
over 3 years ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 3 Not under consideration

Ability to stop Financial regeneration process on benefit case suspension and un suspension

We do not pay pro rated benefit amount based on payuptosuspendeddate property for our custom benefit product(hence we have set the property 'curam.miscapp.payuptosuspendeddate' to 'NO'.) with only a yearly pattern defined. It's a one time benefit ...
10 months ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 4 Not under consideration

Automated workflow starting with Application Submission and ending with Client getting paid with no human intervention (most cases) or minimal human intervention (remaining cases)

For our social assistance system, more than 50% of the applications are for existing clients, some are duplicates, and the remaining for new clients. The journey for application submission to checking whether client is existing or new and then mer...
10 months ago in Social Program Management / Universal Access 2 Future consideration

Missing application progress bar in Responsive App (Citizen Engagement Module)

MSD have fairly long online forms that the clients need to fill in to apply for financial assistance. This is primarily because MSD's online forms asks the clients to fill in the details according to their circumstances and then determine the type...
over 3 years ago in Social Program Management / Universal Access 4 Future consideration

Ability to Change Primary Client on Application Case

Scottish Government have the need to change the primary client on application cases. Currently there is a manual intensive process in changing the primary client on an application case.
almost 2 years ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 2 Not under consideration

A level of multilingual support for internal/authorised and professional users

Formal support it perhaps too strong a term, however, I would like better support for more than one language for authorised and professional users. To the extent that we can raise questions/defects without getting the canned response 'we do not su...
about 5 years ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 4 Future consideration

Expanded view for Evidence (Added, Modified, Approved, Activated) event types under transaction history is Blank

Whenever new evidence is added to an IC, PDC, or application case and transaction history record gets created under Administration/Transaction history. The event type for these events is (Evidence Added, Evidence Modified, Evidence Approved, and E...
6 months ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 3 Not under consideration

N: N Relationship between Provider and Provider member

Currently, when person is associated with multiple providers for the same period, it fails when provider member tries to login to provider portal. We need a support of N:N relationship between Provider and Provider Member. ANYC has a valid busines...
almost 6 years ago in Social Program Management / Provider Management 2 Future consideration

Include additional information in Un-handled server exception along with Stack Trace

Unhandled server exception is occured for various reasons and most of the time when it's not handled properly, it gets displayed in end-user's UI. When end-user come across the un-handled server error multiple times in a day, it doesn't give a goo...
12 months ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 11 Future consideration