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Update Drop-Down Search Across Worker Portal and Citizen Engagement IEG Scripts to Match Worker Portal IEG Scripts

Our client has requested the consideration to update the drop-down search option from "contains" to "starts with" followed by "contains" on the Worker Portal drop-downs (non-IEG) and across the Citizen Engagement Portal IEGs to match the modificat...
6 months ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 3 Not under consideration

Support alternative container platforms other than OpenShift or IKS

Hi there Merative We are looking at using Containers/Kubernetes and we are looking at the various potential solutions for our software ecosystem. The current Merative supported container platform for Curam SPM is quite prescriptive with OpenShift ...
11 months ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 2 Planned for future release

Auto-Refresh Incoming Evidence after disposed

Currently the worker must manually refresh the Incoming Evidence workspace after disposing each item, to see an accurate list of the remaining items. The suggestion is to auto-refresh the workspace after evidence is disposed, to reflect the remain...
over 4 years ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 5 Not under consideration

Configuration Option to Prevent the OOTB PDF of an Application Submission Being Created

In common intake we have the OOTB worklow ProcessIntakeApplication which processes the application submission. One of the activities of this workflow is to create a PDF of the submitted data. The template used for this is very basic (format not gr...
over 1 year ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 8 Not under consideration

Need provision to control notifications generated in the process of approving SILI

By having more granular control to manage the notifications generated by the system individual organizations can turn on or off the notifications that relevant to them.
6 months ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 4 Future consideration

User able to resume saved application when logging back into Citizen Portal account via Apply for Assistance with Health Care

This request is to streamline the functionality for a user when resuming an application for a Citizen Portal user account. In current OOTB behavior, a user who has created a user account in the Citizen Portal is able to enter their credentials in ...
about 4 years ago in Social Program Management / Income Support for Medical Assistance 2 Not under consideration

Hook Point to Programmatically Interact with a V8 Component within UIM

There is a difference between how drop downs manage their state between V7 and V8. In V7, there was no concept of a select 'state', so when a value was returned - it assumed selection. However, Carbon is subtly different, as Carbon manages state a...
about 2 years ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 3 Future consideration

Smart Navigation: Number of results shown can be configurable

SmartNavigation search functionality displays up to 6 results before it shows a "More Results" link to reveal the rest of the results. Can you provide a configurable property to control this number? i.e. can we display up to X number results befor...
about 4 years ago in Social Program Management / Social Program Management Platform 3 Not under consideration

Display Schema and IEG Validations for IEG Scripts at the Same Time

Currently, schema validations on the IEG script are displayed first. Once all of the schema validations are displayed, the system will display the IEG validations. This makes the user have to select Next, make some updates based on validations, se...
7 months ago in Social Program Management / Universal Access 2 Future consideration

Missing application progress bar in Responsive App (Citizen Engagement Module)

MSD have fairly long online forms that the clients need to fill in to apply for financial assistance. This is primarily because MSD's online forms asks the clients to fill in the details according to their circumstances and then determine the type...
over 4 years ago in Social Program Management / Universal Access 4 Future consideration