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Some ideas can be implemented at Merative, while others may not fit within the development plans for the product. In either case, the team will let you know as soon as possible. In some cases, we may be able to find alternatives for ideas which cannot be implemented in a reasonable time.

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Pre customisation hook points for Product Delivery life cycle

Pre customisation hook points required for Product Delivery life cycle status e.g. when a case is activated, closed, submitted for approval, approved, reopened etc., Already delivered Product delivery hook points are only for Post activity, eg:pos...
Ramya Krishna 7 months ago in  5 Not under consideration

CER Development in Java

In an eligibility and entitlement bespoke solution in SPM, rules development and hence CER development is a key part. This has a learning curve and what happens most of the time on projects is that there's a niche team of rules developers that do ...
Faisal Shafique 12 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Not under consideration

Add option for new Participant record address or bank account (person, representative, other) to propagate to Nominee record automatically

If a Person or Representative is also a Nominee, and they have a Address or Bank Account in evidence which is in use for payment delivery on the nominee record, the participant data and nominee record should have an option to be linked and kept in...
Dean Kyfiuk 6 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Not under consideration

Cúram Batch Streaming ability to dynamically determine number of streamers

The Cúram batch streaming framework provides no ability to dynamically determine the optimal number of streams required to process the work. This presents challenges when operating a production batch schedule whereby volumes of work can change fro...
Guest about 8 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Not under consideration

Improved capabilities to support bulk payees (nominees)

Social benefits can be paid to third-parties instead of the client. In case of old age pension, these can sometimes be sent to nursing homes, retirement homes, provincial social organizations etc. Some organizations are very large and can sometime...
Guest 3 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Not under consideration

Improve the build and deploy times

One of the biggest challenges we are facing in our project is the amount of time it takes to build and deploy. It takes at minimum about 3 hours for us to build the codebase and another 3 hours to deploy. 6 hours to get a feedback on the code is v...
Guest about 7 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Not under consideration

CE - IEG Portal 'control-question-informational message' customization

At Clark County, we're looking for a hook point from CE to customize the control question informational message for the 'Additional Household Member' page. As we don't have a hook point, and to address the customer needs, we have non-compliantly c...
Chandra Veligeti 4 months ago in Universal Access 2 Not under consideration

Improve Position Search screens to support large number of positions

ESDC has provided a 1:1 mapping between position and users. This also accounts for new units and positions that may be required as well as near future hiring. This is 25k positions. As ESDC is undergoing an incremental onboarding of programs, due...
Guest 4 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Not under consideration

AODA: Elements with an ARIA role don't contain child roles, WCAG 2.0 Guideline 4.1.2 Level A

Description: Ensures elements with an ARIA role that require child roles contain them Why it Matters: The inclusion of an ARIA role attribute in an element serves to guide assistive technologies in treating the element differently from its inheren...
Guest 4 months ago in  2 Not under consideration

When Service Delivery Case is completed its unused SALIs and SA are hanging around with the record status RST1

There is a Service Delivery Case, some of its Service Authorization Line Items(SALI's) have been linked to Service Invoice Line Items(SILI's) and some are not. Then due to change in client circumstances, client no longer needs the assistance for t...
Sudheer Ambiti 9 months ago in Provider Management 2 Not under consideration