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Status Delivered
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 21, 2016

Require a session timer in the application to let users know when the session will time out

There has been confusion with the end users to understand when a server interaction is made, and eventually losing data on some of the screens. As of now, Curam application does not let user know when the session would be timed out, and when was the last interaction made to the server.
There are few different kinds of challenges to the user:
When moving through tabs, though the user is active on the machine, there is no server interaction made.
Users key in data for a longer period of time. We have observed on the site where in users are distracted many times during their work. It is very difficult for them to keep a tab on the time.

The customer experience is as follows. Not every click on the application rightly so does not make server calls, and there have been numerous instances user assumes they are active in the application, but when the next server call is made, user is forced to re authenticate to the application. There have been instances where in the user keys in data for example a contact log for more than couple of hours, and user assumed that keying in the comments field is being active, and with these confusions, after the session timed out user is forced to re-authenticate and eventually losing the data which has been extremely frustrating to the end user.

Proposed solution:
In order to help user know when the last interaction was made, a session timer is added to the workspace. This would tell the user when the last interaction was made to the server. This would help user to plan their work.
The timer on wizard pages is also added to the wizard.
Just before the session is timed out, a configurable time for example if configured to 5 minutes, a warning message would be shown to the users 5 minutes before the session is getting timed out to alert user.

Customer Requirements:
Session timeout is a configurable parameter
Time to show the warning message is a configurable parameter
Pages to which the session timer should work is configurable, if none of the pages are configured, the timer would work for all the screens
It is recommended that users save data the immediately after the warning message is displayed.
Session timer is a javascript on the client browser, and no server call is made during the count down

Customer Suggestions:
Session timer is a javascript that is included for every page on load event
Session timer is a javascript on the client browser, and no server call is made during the count down
gen-jsp.xsl from CuramCDEJ is overridden to include the script in all the uims
When a page is loaded, depending on the configuration if a page needs timer, timer is added or the previous timer is removed
Cookies are used to store the last accessed time
Javascript handles translations in the event of an installation with multiple locales

Customer Name Ontario - Ministry of Community and Social Services, Dataport, anstalt des offentlichen Rechts, Saskatchewan - Ministry of Social Services, City of New York - Department of Information Technology (DoITT), South Carolina, Singapore, MSF - Singapore
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  • Guest
    Jul 12, 2017

    Hi Vikum,

    We are happy to inform you that your enhancement request has been delivered in the new release of IBM Cúram Social Program Management, version

    The new version of the product has a session timer to let users know when the session will time out.

    The Session Timeout Warning feature has been extended to now apply to both the internal Caseworker and external Universal Access applications.

    This feature warns the user when their current session is about to expire. This warning takes the form of a dialog which displays the time remaining before the session times out and buttons which allows the user to either continue with the session or quit the current session. If the session expires without any user interaction with the application, the user is redirected to a configurable page and a message is displayed on that page indicating this fact.

    This feature is optional and it is enabled by default for both applications. There are a number of configuration options available for this feature. For more information, see the Session Timeout Warning section in the Knowledge Center at

    We hope that this addition to the product will meet your requirements sufficiently.

    I will now close this ticket as delivered.

    Thank you for your interest in the Cúram product.
    Eloise O'Riordan, Cúram SPM Offering Management team

  • Guest
    Feb 1, 2017

    Hi Vikum,

    We acknowledge that this enhancement request has been accepted for consideration. It is a candidate for a future generally available (GA) release.

    IBM's statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM's sole discretion.

    IBM will update this request to reflect any changes.

    Thank you for your interest in the Cúram product.
    Eloise O'Riordan, Cúram SPM Offering Management team

  • Guest
    Aug 6, 2016


    We acknowledge that this is a valid enhancement request. It will be considered for inclusion in a future release of the product. Thank you for your interest in the Cúram product.

    Eloise O'Riordan, Cúram SPM Offering Management team