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Some ideas can be implemented at Merative, while others may not fit within the development plans for the product. In either case, the team will let you know as soon as possible. In some cases, we may be able to find alternatives for ideas which cannot be implemented in a reasonable time.

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Make Evidence Change history clearer

Any changes to dynamic evidence lead to a confusing audit trail in the UI. I.e. Corrections don't show all records and thus it is not possible to see e.g. original creator of the evidence.Hence there is no way for a user, e.g. an auditor to use th...
Garry Heap about 5 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 6 Delivered

Performance Issue - Long running SQL when searching an employer

Employer search transaction is taking over 5 minutes in Production system. When searching for a employer in a large county with trading name and city as input, results take up to 5 minutes to return. Refer to comments on PMR WH00011891.
Guest over 3 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 11 Delivered

UA application fields should use 'autocomplete' values

UA application fields like first name, last name, birthdate, and gender fields should use 'autocomplete' values
Guest over 3 years ago in Universal Access 4 Delivered

Support for IBM MQ Certified Containers

As part of the SPM Migration to Liberty, research performed by the SPM Cloud team highlighted that the JMS message engine that comes with Liberty does not offer high availability or failover in the same fashion as WebSphere. As a result, SPM is bu...
CLAIRE MCGAFFEY almost 2 years ago in  0 Delivered

CLIENT has a requirement to include certain other attributes on a Person entity during the application creation process

The State of Missouri has a requirement to include certain other attributes on a Person entity during the application creation process including a person's suffix and a custom identifier. However, no way exists to customize curam.commonintake.faca...
Guest about 4 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 4 Delivered

Support for "busy" cursor or feedback to user

Provide visual feedback to the user when they have completed a UI action and are awaiting its completion.
Guest over 8 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 1 Delivered

Need more SSO documentation in Security Guide

Knowledge Centre Security Guide needs to be updated to include SSO information
Garry Heap over 4 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 4 Delivered

hook point needed on PDC approval to set custom CaseHeader.effective date

Need a compliant hook point to be able to set our own Case Header effective date on PDC activation.
Garry Heap over 4 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Delivered

Ability to reassess/redo SDM assessments or allegations when the Reponse Priority is completed

See PMR number 70459999649. There was an APAR for this issue PO02115 . The APAR now states this issue will not be fixed so therefore we are moving forward with requesting this issue be addressed as an enhancement request. In IBM Curam Child Welfar...
Amber Ortman over 6 years ago in Structured Decision Making for Child Welfare 3 Delivered

Request to provide post insertion custom hook for InstructionLineItem table

Description: In BDM we would like to add more columns that are related to InstructionLineItem. Whenever an ILI is created we would like to create a BDM Version of ILI table and populate values into custom columns as needed. The current Curam versi...
Benoit Tremblay over 2 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Delivered