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“Locale Specific Bundle not Available” error traces in server logs.

"Locale Specific Bundle not Available: Locale: en" error message gets logged in server logs, when custom validations fails in IEG scripts. Error messages for custom validations in IEG are added with in IEG scripts and there wouldn't be any error m...
Manuraj Kannanth over 4 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 6 Delivered

Consider underpayment component as deductible

: In BDM, underpayments are not created as separate cases and instead they will be created as separate component on the same benefit case. But since this component doesn’t exist in the ruleset as a deductible component the Generate ILI processing ...
Benoit Tremblay about 2 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 4 Delivered

Masking Fields in IEG

On the DC project we have a requirement to mask a user's input for certain fields in an IEG script - the SSN is one such field. When a user enters their SSN in IEG, their input needs to be hidden and there also needs to be a capability to toggle t...
Guest over 3 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 4 Delivered

Provide hook points handle custom requirements for third party deduction processing

In EDSC the Garnishment Orders recorded does have outstanding balance similar to Curam Liabilities. As part of third party deduction processing, we need to reduce the outstanding balance on garnishment order so that if no outstanding balance is av...
Benoit Tremblay about 2 years ago in Income Support 5 Delivered

Auto Suggest/ 'Type As You Go' feature in IEG

Application: IEG IEG framework within Universal Access (UA) should have ‘Type as you go' (aka Auto-Suggest/Auto-Search) functionality. The expectation from a client experience perspective is that as the user starts typing the search criteria in a ...
Guest over 5 years ago in Universal Access 3 Delivered

Product Delivery life cycle hook points

Customisation hook points required for Product Delivery life cycle status changes e.g. when a case is activated, closed, submitted for approval, approved, reopened etc.
Guest almost 6 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Delivered

UpgradeHelper shell script for Linux platforms

UpgradeHelper comes bundled with only upgrade.bat, a windows executable and no shell script for Linux kernels. As Curam is supported on both Windows and Linux, UpgradeHelper should come bundled with a shell script for executing the targets on Linu...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 4 Delivered

Need Additional Trigger Points for Evidence Sharing from an Application Case other than Authorization

This could be useful if an Application Case is open for a significant amount of time for processing. The client may want to start using some of the new information from that AC more immediately than authorization (such as once it is verified). The...
Dean Kyfiuk over 1 year ago in Evidence Broker 5 Delivered

Requesting ability to customize or replace REST's exception mapper with a custom exception mapper in the REST framework

MyBenefits is a web application built for the citizens of Ontario. Currently MyBenefits application interacts with SAMS – Curam application – via SOAP APIs. There is a mapping between Curam's message catalogue and the error messages defined by MyB...
Guest about 5 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Delivered

Require cleaner separation of people with the same first name

Problem Statement:In IEG first name is often used as an identifier for People. It is the default item label for list questions and is the identifier used for person tabs and relationship pages. In cases where multiple people in a household have th...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Delivered