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IBM Curam Support for Windows 10

We require support for Windows 10 with Curam please.
Guest about 8 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Delivered

Enable deduction financial component generation so that deductions could be done against underpayments

In BDM we are generating underpayments as financial components and not as payment correction case. As a result we expect underpayment FC to be treated as any other payment FC and deductions should be applied against it. But in scenarios where ther...
Vinod Musunuri almost 2 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Delivered

Support the browser (JSON) and/or Web Services binding models for the CMIS 1.1 standard

We are using a CMS solution for integrating SPM with Doc and Records Management. The CMS solution team has confirmed that they do not certify Content Server with CMIS 1.1 and AtomPub bindings. The CMS Solution supports CMIS 1.1 with the Web Servic...
Nigel Barriscale almost 2 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Delivered

IEG - Unhandled exceptions in custom functions are being suppressed

When an un-handled or a run-time exception occurs in a custom function during IEG script execution, we find that the actual exception and cause are being suppressed and a generic run-time exception is thrown and logged with just the custom functio...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 4 Delivered

MS Edge - Support for Curam Universal Access

Hi, We need support for MS Edge browser support for Curam Universal Access. As of now IE11 is supported in Windows 10, so, we need support for MS Edge also. Universal Access being client facing application needs support for this broswer. Also, Uni...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Universal Access 3 Delivered

Citizen Engagement Module : Date picker widget is needed for certain business function screen in

Currently Responsive UA only supports date field where in user need to input numeric date.This works perfectly fine for selecting an important historical date which client suppose to know. (like DoB, First arrival day in NZ and so on)However this ...
Priyabrata Behera almost 5 years ago in Universal Access 5 Delivered

SPM To Allow Multiple Authorised Application Cases to Single PDC

As SPM is supposed to be a one stop for multiple benefits then any new application could affect one or more of any on-going PDC's. Therefore, there is a requirement to allow the primary participant to have one Integrated Case, and one Product Deli...
Guest about 5 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Delivered

Support a Set Benefit Week in Financial Processing

Scottish Government (SG) have many benefits that pay 4 weekly in arrears. For most, the start of the 4 weekly cycle can be any day of the week (Mon to Sun), and OOTB functions/processing supports this. Another benefit (Carer’s Support Payment - CS...
Gary Parker about 1 year ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Delivered

Auto Save Case Narrative for Child Welfare Cases

NC is implementing the Child Welfare solution as part of the NC FAST Program. One of the key activities inherent to the core functionality for Child Welfare Social worker is to be able to create rather explanatory case notes and contact logs. When...
Guest over 7 years ago in Child Welfare 4 Delivered

Sub Titles in IEG Title / Header

In Access NYC we have a requirement to display a Page Title which includes a Subtitle as shown in screenshot-1 below. We have tried to achieve this using html tags and common style sheet tags in property file entry (text provided below) but this a...
Guest over 8 years ago in Universal Access 5 Delivered