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Introduce new Task Statuses

In addition to the OOTB Open, Deferred and Closed task statuses, ESDC would like to introduce two new task statuses - Cancelled - If a task was created in error and just closed, it must be be easily differentiated from the work that is truly compl...
Guest 11 days ago in Social Program Management Platform 1 Under review

Provide text substitution for answer configuration of decision task workflows

Curam supports decision task workflows where a user can select from a checkbox selection of actions/answers (or enter free format text). These actions/answers are custom defined but unlike many other areas of the decision workflow, they do not sup...
Gary Parker 11 days ago in Social Program Management Platform 1 Under review

Implementation of Light and Dark Mode for Enhanced Accessibility and User Experience

We propose the implementation of both light and dark modes in the Curam application to provide users with greater flexibility and accommodate diverse preferences and accessibility needs. Light and dark modes offer users the choice to personalize t...
Guest 12 days ago in Social Program Management Platform 1 Under review

Upgrade Cúram XML Server to TLS V1.3

The actual Cúram XML Server V8 runs with TLS V1.2. In 2018 TLS V1.3 was introduced. TLS V1.3 has many advantages over TLS V1.2: Eliminates support for outmoded algorithms and ciphers Eliminates RSA key exchange, mandates Perfect Forward Secre...
Siemon Kamstra about 1 month ago in Social Program Management Platform 1 Under review

Quick overview of the Case/Person profile progress (%age completion) and next available actions

A configurable Progress Information for a case or person - showing the percentage of person profile/application completion status along with links to the pages to which caseworkers can navigate and complete the person profile/case/applications.
Arjun Nayak about 1 year ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Future consideration

Provide support for AWS RDS DB2

AWS and IBM recently announced support for AWS RDS DB2.,-Enabling-C...
Garry Heap 5 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Future consideration


ISD is using CGISS for medical assistance programs so that all future income support programs (SNAP, TANF, CC) can exist on the same integrated case. We have a scenario that we would like help with. The FFM has the tendency to send states duplicat...
Kelli Robinson 24 days ago in Income Support 2 Needs more information

Support the AWS Oracle RDS-Custom database service

This will help to all clients who are migrating from on prem to the cloud
Guest 2 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Future consideration

Support for outbound RESTful webservices

CMS is transitioning all of their webservices from SOAP/XML to either REST/XML or REST/JSON.[1] However, Curam does not support outbound REST API calls. And, per support ticket WH00012171, IBM's view is "any customer can implement their own strate...
Jason Blackerby over 2 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 8 Future consideration

Remove Personal Info PII from logs

It recently came to light that PI was leaking into the SPM logs. SOme of this has been traced to OOTB Informationals, for example "Caused by: curam.util.exception.InformationalException: This phone number already exists for FIRSTNAME LASTNAME (32)...
Garry Heap over 1 year ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Future consideration