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Status Not under consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 22, 2022

Functionality to offset over/underpayments for a client

Both DWP and Scottish Government have asked for this functionality. If a client has a payment correction of type overpayment and a subsequent evidence change, results in a payment correction of type underpayment, could the system offset the underpayment amount against any outstanding overpayment amount. Thereby, less payment correction cases created and needing to be managed. Consider this for not only within the same benefit but also across benefits if the client is the primary on more than one benefit case.

I know this is a very complex ask/area and may not be feasible but it would be good if someone could look into this and provide some guidance/recommendations at the very least.

Customer Name Scottish Government
Persona Based Summary

As a client advisor, when I make an evidence changes, I want any payment correction processing that occurs to take into account any existing payment corrections and if applicable, offset amounts.

Leaving less cases to manage and saving time for me and ensuring a simplified view of a clients payment correction position, i.e. I don't have to go into so many payment corrections toting up under and overpayments to see the overall picture.

Market Segment WH Government
Type of Request Idea
Market Opportunity

The market opportunity for implementing this idea is unknown at the moment. However, this feature I think would be a big selling point for both new and existing clients of SPM.

Usage frequency + #/type of users impacted

From an SG perspective, this functionality would likely get used daily by many client advisors.

Workarounds + Proposed Solution

It is all manually processing which is error prone and can lead to some clients ending up in a cycle of payment correction creation.

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  • Admin
    Oct 19, 2022

    Hi Gary,

    We have reviewed your enhancement suggestion. Based on the information provided, our understanding of your request is as follows:

    • You are requesting an enhancement to provide the ability for the system to automatically offset underpayments that are created in underpayment correction cases against outstanding overpayment amounts to help reduced the number of payment correction cases created for a client.

    The financials functionality that is provided OOTB is intended to provide the necessary building blocks, which along with the creation of workflow processes, could be used to implement project specific automation for requirements such as these. For this reason, we do not intend to incorporate this capability into our product as we feel it is best achieved at a project level.

    We do have an enhancement in our backlog however to allow an underpayment component, created on the original benefit delivery case, to be configured as deductible. Once this becomes available, this will allow an underpayment created on the original benefit case to be offset against overpayment correction cases and could be a future approach for consideration to help reduce the number of payment correction cases created.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas with us. Although we cannot pursue all the submitted suggestions, we are committed to involving our users in building our product roadmap and appreciate your ideas.

    Thank you,

    Sheryl Brenton, SPM Product Management Team

  • Admin
    Sep 26, 2022

    Hi Gary,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas with us. We are committed to involving our users in building our product roadmap and appreciate your suggestions.

    We will review the information you have provided and get back to you within 30 days. If additional details are required to complete our evaluation, we will send you a request for more information.

    Thank you,

    Sheryl Brenton, SPM Product Management Team