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Request to provide status update events for PaymentInstrument table

EDSC need different statuses for PaymentInstrument records and we cannot add custom statuses into OOTB codetable. To address this we make up with our derived status in BDMPaymentInstrument table. Whenever a record is inserted or status is modified...
Benoit Tremblay over 2 years ago in Income Support 6 Delivered

Reissue Payment with Deduction should allow clients to exclude some of existing deductions and allow to choose new deductions

: In EDSC as part of Payment Cancellation, if the payment contains a deduction ILI that belong to certain third parties then those deduction amounts cannot be recovered using reversals from third party. So there is a Curam liability recorded again...
Benoit Tremblay over 2 years ago in Income Support 6 Delivered

IEG uses non-standard drop downs which cause issues with screen readers

Experienced New York City accessibility experts struggle to use the IEG ListBoxes as they consider them non-standard HTML elements that are not commonly encountered on the web. These are navigable by JAWS but we have found that we need to educate ...
Guest about 7 years ago in Universal Access 3 Delivered

Curam 8 hook point to programmatically customise modal window behaviour

In Curam 8, modal windows are no longer moveable as they were in Curam 7, which doesn't allow users to move the modal window to read information on the background screen. Provide a global hook point where we can add custom code to alter the Carbon...
Application Delivery over 2 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Delivered

Client's name required on the evidence box of item being verified

SCDHHS wants the system to display the client's name and the item being verified at the top of the dialogue box for each member when adding verification in the worker interface.
Guest almost 8 years ago in Income Support for Medical Assistance 3 Delivered

Excess scrolling required in Curam SPM V7

Most the Curam SPM V7 screens require more scrolling than V6 for the same number of fields. While our users like the bigger V7 fonts they don't like to do too much scrolling. Attached are some of the examples. We request for a way to enhance the u...
Vinod Musunuri over 5 years ago in Income Support 3 Delivered

Require support for custom footer in both the internal and external applications

This ticket is to introduce the ability to add a custom footer to both the internal and external applications. My recommendation is that for the internal application the footer is fixed and for the external application it is not fixed. The footer ...
Guest about 8 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Delivered

Identify currency fields in IEG as input type number

This enhancement request relates to IEG and IBM Design System fields for currencies. Our users are experiencing a mildly frustrating experience in IEG using Android smart phones. 1. User clicks into IEG currency field2. Standard alphabet keyboard ...
Guest over 5 years ago in Universal Access 3 Delivered

Assessment PDF time generated in 12H time

The assessment PDFs show only military 24H time which is inconsistent with the rest of the application, we would like to request a configuration that allows generating it in 12H time.
Guest almost 6 years ago in Outcome Management 4 Delivered

Include support for Apache HTTP Server with IBM Cúram Universal Access (New)

Include support for Apache HTTP Server with IBM Cúram Universal Access (New)
Priyabrata Behera almost 6 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 6 Delivered