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Status Not under consideration
Workspace Curam
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 6, 2023

Support Configurable Exit Codes for chunking & streaming batches to communicate higher number of skips with a configurable exit code

Our application has several hundreds Curam batches and most of the batches use Chunking & Streaming framework. The current Curam batch framework provides two exit codes the batches 1) successful 2) failed. The exit codes do not provide a way for the enterprise scheduler/operations to be notified in case of a large number of skipped records.

We have a variety of batches. Some batches are very critical in nature where even a single record being skipped is an operational support activity (not blocking for our nightly batch), some other where beyond a certain number of records skipped should result in batch being deemed as "operational failure" and requiring immediate intervention. Some batches process 100s of records a night whereas others process 100's of thousands of records.

Keeping above in mind, we propose that Curam extends its chunking and streaming framework to:

- support different exit code concept. It can be done in a completely flexible way (different exit code definitions for x skips or y% skips) or in a prescriptive way like below:

- Define "Successful run" - e.g. <0 skipped records or <1% skipped records) and actual skipped records meeting the definition. Exit code is 0.

- Define "Successful with skips" e.g. <10 skipped records or <5% skipped records and actual skipped records meeting the definition. Exit code is 200.

- Define "Failed due to high skips" e.g. >10 skipped records or >5% skipped records and actual skipped records meeting the definition. Exit code is 201.

- Current defintion of catastrophic batch failures (should not require newcode) in case of catastrophic error in launcher, exit code 1 is automatically returned.

- use a batch specific exit code configuration with

- % based data or hard number based configuration

- support definition of "Successful" execution

- support definition of "Successful with skips" execution

- support definition of "Failed due to skips" execution

- status - active or disabled indicating whether the configuration is to be used

- record the batch outcome in a database table (in addition to using exit codes). This would help in auditing batch executions (severly lacking in current Curam infrastructure irrespective of this enhancement request)

- executionStartDateTime

- executionFinishDateTime,

- totalRecords,

- processedRecords,

- skippedRecords,

- exitCode

Customer Name Ontario
Market Segment WH Government
Type of Request Idea
Market Opportunity

Help mature Curam batch framework

Usage frequency + #/type of users impacted

200+ of our batches running 2000+ processes every day

CURAM:Workarounds + Proposed Solution

No workarounds

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  • Admin
    Graham McCrindle
    Jun 6, 2023

    Hi Rahul,

    I’d like to provide some further background as to why the Batch idea was closed.

    Whilst the team reviewing the idea could see merit in the request to enhance the Cúram Batch framework, our current focus is on other strategic objectives. We are taking a more transparent view with our clients and we are only accepting those enhancement ideas that we are likely to address in the near future thus allowing our Customers and Partners to consider developing functionality at a project level.

    Although we will not be addressing this item in the near future your suggestion will be available for future consideration for enhancing the Cúram batch framework. I thank you for sharing this suggestion with us and want you to know we are committed to involving our users in our product roadmap and appreciate your input.


    Graham McCrindle

    SPM Product Manager

  • Guest
    May 16, 2023

    Hi Rahul,

    We have reviewed your enhancement suggestion.

    Based on the information provided, and our understanding of your request:

    • Support Configurable Exit Codes for chunking & streaming batches to communicate higher number of skips with a configurable exit code.

    We do not intend to incorporate this capability into our product as it does not align with our product strategy. We are therefore closing this request and do not plan to take any further action.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas with us. Although we cannot pursue all the submitted suggestions, we are committed to involving our users in building our product roadmap and appreciate your ideas.


    SPM Product Management Team

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